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We provide free picks by text message from top NBA sports handicappers in North America. Our information is world class and our integrity, honestly and commitment to our customers are unparalleled.



Our Handicappers

John Cogger
Consistently the best

Samuel Love
Young, but wise

Chris Haynes
25 years experience
NBA Top Picks is like having your own personal coach delivered right to your inbox. In depth analysis of match-ups is part of each NBA Top Picks delivery and helps you get rid of the guesswork.

Our pro handicappers look at the whole picture and deliver the most comprehensive information possible. What could you do with your own coach?



"I've doubled my winnings thanks to your tips. The best free tips site I've found!"
- James Parnevik
"Your detailed game analysis has really given me insight into how the top handicappers think. Thanks."
- Fred Allison
"How you manage to consistently beat the top handicappers is totally amazing. You should charge for your services."
- Phil Manson

Comparing Basketball Picks Services

There is certainly no shortage of sports handicappers on the Internet today. Check out the following chart to see how we compare to other "typical" sports handicappers.

Category for Comparison

NBA Top Picks Typical Sports Handicappers

Years experience

Our handicappers have over 50 years experience between them. Most sports handicappers work alone and some only have a few years experience.

Success Rate

We publish our success rate, year in year out.  Bogus claims. Inconsistent results.

Sports Handicappers Names

Our handicappers: Chris Haynes, John Cogger and Samuel Love use their real names. Many other sports handicappers use an alias as they are often hiding something.

Release Time of Sports Picks

Our picks are released the night before the game. Sports Picks often released 1-2 hours before starting time. Sometimes minutes.

Privacy Policy

Personal info is NEVER released, sold, or distributed to a third party. Your email address and personal info is for sale to anyone willing to pay for it.

Write ups for Sports Picks

All sports picks come with a detailed and logical analysis. Picks often show nothing more than the name of the team.


Our handicappers are full time and use many different methods of researching, studying, and handicapping games. Part-time sports handicappers regularly putting minimal time and effort into their sports picks.

Basketball specialists

Our handicappers are basketball specialists. Most handicappers claim to be specialists in many sports.


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